Day 4

Monday, 11/29 – Silver Moon – $50 Gift Certificate to Silver Moon Furniture

  • Silver Moon promoting multiple stores:

1-Every Sunday from 8am to 4pm come browse the Silver Moon Flea Market for fresh meats, groceries, produce, antiques and collectibles.

Silver Moon Flea Market route 15 Lewisburg.

2- Silver Moon Furniture route 15 Lewisburg has the perfect gift. Over 50 recliners to choose from, just arrived new sectionals and love seats. No haggling, prices are marked clearly on the BIG PINK TAGS!

3- Talk about an antique lovers paradise! The three Silver Moon Antique Malls are all in the Silver Moon complex, route 15 Lewisburg.

From vintage antiques, collectibles and vintage. Check out Silver Moon Antiques and Collectibles, Lewisburg Antiques or Silver Moon Antiques and Consignment barn.