Local Business Grant

Seven Mountains Media and Seven Mountains Creative are donating $30,000 in marketing resources to local businesses that need a boost. Three different businesses will be chosen to receive a $10,000 Local Business Grant


Our goal is to create a solid marketing plan that elevates your brand and drives business through your doors.


As a full service creative agency and broadcasting company, we have the resources to manage your entire marketing strategy.

Please read the requirements below and if you qualify, fill out the application form.







Does your business qualify?

  • My business is a non franchise business

  • My business has been operating for at least one year

  • My business is locally owned, operated and originates from one of these counties:  Union, Snyder, Northumberland, Montour, Columbia and Dauphin.

  • My business employees 3 to 30 people

  • My business is a for - profit business

*All applications will be reviewed by our Local Business Grant committee.


  • 7 Mountains Media reserves the right to choose the best media products that will best serve your businesses needs

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